Your credentials don’t matter when you can solve real problems

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Can you solve problems?

Are you good at helping people with relationships, burnout, grief, or self-worthiness?

I bet you’ve already solved plenty of problems for others already. Did they check your resume first, or did they seek you out because they knew, liked, and trusted you?

Do you feel the need to prove your worthiness to be a coach before anyone really knows what you do?


Does your website read like a resume?

As an entrepreneur, you must stop thinking like an employee. You don’t have a list of boxes to check off for your client. You only need to:

  • know what their problem is
  • offer a reasonable solution

Remember, you must answer “What’s in it for ME (the visitor)?” before saying anything else. You need to understand exactly how to communicate this. Talk to your clients!

I’m not saying that your experience doesn’t matter. It does!

But degrees and certifications do not equate to experience. You are not paid for what you know, you are paid for what you do with what you know.


What are you doing with what you know?

Experience is the best teacher, along with certifications and degrees. You can get experience now and increase your knowledge through degrees and courses.

Don’t let a perceived lack of credentials derail you in moving forward.

If you are ready to move forward and would like to put your best on your website, book a strategy call with me and let’s discuss your goals!

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