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Your mission is critically needed in this world.

Let’s Build the Perfect Home for Your Online Business.

 First impressions matter!

Running a coaching business is hard work.

In the midst of serving your existing clients, preparing your next event, running a group course, all while attempting to have somewhat of a social life … your website, blog, and online brand is pushed by the wayside.

No overwhelm!

Setting up all the business things can get overwhelming. From the website to the social media platforms to the email service provider… and the list goes on!

You’re ready to boost your business, make more money, and get back to doing what you really love!

But right now, you’re ready to toss your computer because you just don’t have the time or energy to tackle that important ‘tech stuff’.

Let’s upgrade your online presence so that you can attract more high-value coaching clients easily … and automatically.

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Boost your business, make more money, and get back to doing what you really love!.

The Essential Website for Coaches & Speakers

Get More Coaching Leads

Use your website to allow your ideal clients to know, like, and trust you!

Having a professional website that takes your visitor on a journey through your business to your booking page saves you time by having your website work FOR you.

Sell Your Events & Retreats

Do you sell events and retreats?

Create the experience on your website to put your visitor in the middle of the action!

Add your testimonials, videos, and other details to create excitement for your next event!

Book Appointments

No more back and forth to schedule appointments! Do this directly from your website and make the experience SEAMLESS for your leads and clients.

The essential website is set up to encrouage leads to book appointments with you.

Sell Your Course or Membership

Are you a course creator?

Use your website to sell your online course! My team and I can set up your online course and membership – as well as set up your website to take payments for you. Cha-ching!


“It’s beautiful, functional, stress free, it’s an experience just strolling through it. The professional look takes it exactly where I was aiming for. It matches the tone of my facility. I love it!!!!!”

Specifically for Coaches

Here’s What You’ll Get:

A complete WordPress website

Unlimited content pages. I believe in creating as many pages as needed to support the business objectives.

Strategic website and content planning

We spend the time understanding your business goals, your ideal client, and your service so you don’t waste money on a site that doesn’t convert


Professional Copywriting

Copywriting is essential and you deserve to have this professionally done for you. (up to 3 content pages)


SEO optimized webpages

Short for Search Engine Optimization, a SEO optimized website has a better change at being discovered by search engines.

Automatic calendar of your next events and launches

Have virtual and in-person events? You’ll need this.

Blog setup

A blog is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your niche while keeping your visitors coming back for more.

Email opt-in integration

Email converts better than social media and you need to grow your email list to grow your business.

Social media integration

Get exposure with follows and shares!


New lead questionnaire and appointment calendar

Pre-qualify potential leads and have them book a time in one of your predefined time slots

1:1 Consultation

  • 30-minute project kickoff call
  • 30-minute website training consultation
  • Bi-weekly meetings for status updates
  • 30-day post-project follow-up

Google Analytics custom dashboard

Knowledge is power! Know where your visitors are coming from, what content interests them, and how well your site is converting.

Training & Documentation

  • A private client portal to track project progress
  • WordPress training guide
  • Bonus training videos
  • Resource guide

Specifically for Your Business

Why Your Coaching Business Needs a Good Website

It takes only 6 seconds for a visitor to decide to stay or leave.

There’s so much competing for your ideal client’s attention. Impressions matter!

The way that you present your business determines the type of clients you attract. And the way your visitors perceive your business determines how they will value your services.


What coach or speaker wants to be undervalued?

Let’s attract your ideal client through professional design, intuitive functionality, great content.

Want to see how a website can benefit your business?

Ready for a website design that dazzles prospects and attracts dream clients?

Are you ready to confidently create a website that attracts your dream clients?

The Shine Online Workbook guides you through essential content and website planning exercises, so you can create a website that works for your business as a powerful lead-generation machine!

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Are you wasting time looking for the right business systems?

Use what I use! Save your time, save money, and finally get back to running the business you love!

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