What is website planning and why it is so important?

by | December 17, 2017 | Branding, Technology, The Kitchen Sink

You care about the colors. You get a logo. You have some content.and you just need a website.

What you don’t expect is for your designer to spend so much time to understand your business.

But you just need a website, right?

The main reason why I do what I do is to deliver good service and create a profitable website for your business. But it doesn’t happen overnight. It doesn’t even happen in a week.

Here’s why: I care about your business and your website is not just about your design. It’s about your brand and communicating the value that you give to your clients. As each mission-driven entrepreneur is different, so too are your business goals:

Who are you trying to attract?
What problem do you solve?
Why do you do what you do?
Why are you the best person to do it.

If any web designer does not ask you these questions, you aren’t paying them enough to care. And they will create a pretty website for you – that doesn’t convert.

Therefore, before any design work is done. It’s important to plan your website.

What does it mean to plan your website?

It’s easy.

Start with the end in mind.

What do you want to get out of having a website? Do you want to grow your email list? Do you want people to book consultations with you? Do you want to have an online ‘home’ for your brand in order for your visitors to know, like, and trust you?

Why exactly do you want a website?

We dig deeper to answer all of these questions. That’s why I don’t just design websites. That would be too easy and wouldn’t serve you in the slightest.

Once you’ve stated your objectives, we’ll determine your main ‘call to action’. Your call to action should be the ONE thing you want your visitor to do (if they do nothing else). Often, your call to action would lead visitors to contact you. (but not always)

Each page we create will be in pursuit of that goal. I’ll help you make it clear by creating diagrams of your site, wireframes, and mockups. I do this because:
You’ll limit the number of revisions required for your website
You get a better understanding of how your site works before I start developing it
You’ll get a final deliverable that meets your requirements

What about content?

Good design revolves around great content. You wouldn’t expect it, but it’s very difficult to design a website without content.

The content for your website should be informative and persuasive.
Who are you talking to? What language resonates with them? What images would appeal to them?
What do you what them to know about you? (and about your services)
What do you promise?
What do you want people to do after reading your content? What action do you want them to take?

Based on this, we’ll determine where your content should go on your website and design around that.

So how long does it really take?

It depends on what you have ready. We’d start wherever you are.

If you have your content ready, proofread and finalized, we would spend less time in the planning phase of your project.

However, if you have little or no content, I can help you with that as well. I can introduce you to a copywriter -or- if you want to write your own copy, I can get you some feedback on what you submit. This process can take at least 3 weeks before I start designing.

Ultimately, everything should be focused on your goals and what you want to accomplish for your business. Planning your website is no different from anything else you do for your business and should be a crucial step that you should not overlook.


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Kimberly Inez Mays

Kimberly Inez Mays

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Fun fact: My initials are K.I.M 🙂

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