Video: Solopreneurs shouldn’t have to do it alone

by | October 2, 2018 | Entrepreneur Life, Videos

There are no participation trophies for hustling!

In this short video, I go over why being a solo entrepreneur doesn’t mean you have to do everything alone. I made this video to address a common belief that solopreneurs need to do EVERYTHING themselves.  Why?

We tend to believe that if we are busy, we are doing the right things. But are the things that keep us busy also the things we should be doing? What should we be doing? I answer that in the video.
(Pardon the creepy laugh in the beginning as I almost fell, I don’t edit my mistakes)

There are no participation trophies for hustling! Click To Tweet

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Kimberly Inez Mays

Kimberly Inez Mays

Online Brand Strategist, Founder

With over 10 years of web design and development experience, I help entrepreneurs build and grow their online brands. I love everything tech and can’t wait to help you shine online!

I currently reside in NYC with my 2 selfish cats and I’m addicted to caffeine (which helps with the late night coding). 

Fun fact: My initials are K.I.M 🙂

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