VIDEO: Speaking at the Happy Black Woman ‘Launch Your Business’ Live Event

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Exactly, one week ago, I had the privilege to speak at the Happy Black Woman ‘Launch Your Business’ Live Event in New Orleans. In this video, I talk about why I started FoolishlyCreative, what my next steps are, and my advice for other entrepreneurs.

I could not have asked for a more perfect weekend! The weather was sunny and warm and (thankfully) my flight was not delayed from NYC.

During this 3-day event, I got the opportunity to network with like-minded women, to make new connections, and reconnect with those I’ve already met. I believe that it’s important to put yourself in an environment of success!

I’m completely grateful to my mentor, Rosetta Turman for allowing me to speak at this event. The thing I loved the most was sharing what I’ve experienced as a Mastermind member and sharing the purpose behind this business.

My biggest piece of advice: Don’t seek too much information before getting started. You don’t need all of the details, tips & tricks, or even the degree to be successful. It’s not the knowledge that makes you successful … it’s the EXPERIENCE. And there’s only one way to get experience … GET STARTED.

If you are interested in getting started, getting out there, or want more information: Book a Strategy Call and let’s discuss how you can get started with your branding and website.

Until next time! đŸ™‚

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