Are you too old to be an entrepreneur?

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Recently, I read an article about an 82-year-old woman, Carol Staninger, who debuted her product at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show. Her product will make it easier for parents to avoid leaving their children behind in their cars – thus saving lives!

She saw a need, she has a skill, she’s going for it.

She doesn’t think she’s too old to be an entrepreneur. So what’s your excuse?

Well, like many people (myself included), we wish we had started earlier.

After all, there are so many young successful entrepreneurs. They must have been lucky.  If only we did the thing we were meant to do when we were younger, we’d be so much better off, right?

We will never know. So it’s pointless to wonder.

Resist the temptation to look back

Regret is not your friend, my friends.

Regret robs us of the ultimate gift, the present. It makes us look away and disregard the time that has been gifted to us to live.

We have been gifted the present because not everyone was given the opportunity to live today. For many people, old AND young, yesterday was their last day. I don’t mean to come across morose, but if we are going to pursue the things we were meant to do, it requires gratitude.

Be grateful. Don’t be competitive. Don’t even be envious. That young entrepreneur you are coveting wasn’t promised tomorrow either.

Their lives are theirs, your life is yours.

^^^ this is my aha moment.

You have your own journey in life and it won’t look like anyone else’s.

Your experience is your greatest asset

Once lost in the mist of “should of, would of, could of”, we suffer from tunnel vision of focusing on the thing we have not yet achieved. I am super guilty of this.

However, how much more prepared are you after all that you’ve gone through? It’s through the evaluation of our past and our wisdom that we know we are making the right choice. Believe it or not, everything in our lives has led to this moment. The moment when we get to decide what comes next.

Many years ago, you may not have made the same decisions as you will today. That’s fine.

The best time is now.

How are you using your gifts today?

If age is your concern, if you wait until tomorrow, you’ll just be a day older than you are today.

What have you been delaying that shouldn’t wait another day?

 I have an invitation for you.

If you are a coach or consultant, your website is the ‘home’ of your online brand. Why not spruce up your home and receive some more clients?

Let me show you some things you may have overlooked.

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