Praise from Happy Clients

My name is Jamie Newton-Knight and I am the Founder/Owner of Blended Black Family.
I met Kim, of Foolishly Creative, at a Happy Black Woman event in October 2016, where the Happy Black woman herself, Rosetta Thurman, had us build a website that very weekend. I went to godaddy and quickly put together a website. I later changed it to a wordpress website. It wasn’t until another event in January 2017 that Kim and I actually had a more in depth conversation. After leaving the event with my plan for my business, I knew that I wanted to work with Kim. At the event, she spoke passionately about wanting to help small businesses build their brand and her enthusiasm for her work made me say, “I need her!”
After returning home from the event, I contacted Kim and we began working together to build my new website. I already knew that I wanted specific colors, such as sea foam green and lavender, but I wasn’t sure of all the content that I needed for the website. After working with Kim, I was clear on what my website needed. I then began working with a Coach, Shayla Boyd-Gill, who helped me hone in on who my target audience was, and from there everything began to fall into place.
Kim and I worked very closed and was very accessible. She was never too busy to answer questions or give her input and that just made the process so much easier.
My website is complete and looks amazing and I am grateful to Kim for everything!
If you are thinking of hiring someone to help your website go from Blah to Bam!!! Then you need to contact her!
Thanks Kim for your dedication to small businesses!
Jamie Newton Knight


Selecting Foolishly Creative to create and launch my new website was the best decision that I have made for myself and my business.

I attempted to create a website on my own, the website I created was one that I was not confident about, I didn’t even want to let my potential clients see it. I realized that I wasted so much time and money on developing a site that I couldn’t even show to others, the same wasted time and money that I could have used to focus on providing quality services to my clients and running my business.

Foolishly Creative was able to design a beautiful and intuitive site that I am now proud to show off. In addition to appreciating my site, I am also feeling confident in being able to maintain it, since Foolishly Creative was able to provide me with the necessary information, coaching and resources for its up keep.

I unequivocally recommend Foolishly Creative for web development and brand consultations, as the service provided are of quality, original, professional and truly client centered.

Jersey Garcia


I am absolutely delighted with the results achieved by Foolishly Creative. Working with Kim has released me of so much angst and frustration. She is very warm, attentive, and a great listener. Her style eases my chaotic mind.  She is masterful in her ability to map out my vision and taking on the heavy lifting and producing beautiful results. She is practical, business-savvy,  while at the same time creating a platform that I can manage and grow into.

Building a simple website is not my jam nor is this something I ever want to put my energy into. Literally, there was a moment when I wanted to toss my computer trying to do something I do not have the training in or time to allocate and learn.

This investment with Kim has freed me and afforded me the freedom to focus on other areas of my business and work from my place of genius.

Kim is masterful and Foolishly Creative.

I encourage any entrepreneur to release themselves from the headache and focus on what you love to do and allow Kim to take the wheel and work her magic.

Desi Wenzel

Professional Development Coach Helping Leaders Identify , Treat and Prevent Burnout,

Kim did an amazing job helping me to get over some hurdles with my website.  I had been stumped and was loosing hair and sleep over plug-ins, adding hyperlinks, changing tags, etc..  She is patient and loves to help her clients create the brand they desire.  I would definitely work with her again and recommend her for anyone desiring a caring and professional web designer.

Cathey Law

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