Selling Your Superpower When You Feel Less Than Heroic

October 3, 2017

Are You SuperHero(ine)?

How powerful do you feel right now? Are you all over the place putting together the perfect coaching or speaking package?

Are you uncertain about what you sell because you cannot communicate the benefits to a potential buyer? Do you frequently change your offer because you feel no one is interested?

Do you feel less than heroic?

Quick, someone needs what you offer!

If you can solve a problem, you can have a business. It’s really that simple.

You are the answer to someone’s problem. You can’t solve everyone’s problem, but you can be a hero to your ideal client. The goal is to find the people with the problem that you solve.

But, you cannot help anyone if you are consistenly second guessing your strength. With the skills that you currently have, how can you enrich someone else’s life and/or business?

Well, what is in it for them? Exactly how would they be better off working with you and how are you going to make that happen?

Can you speak clearly about your promise?

Sell it to yourself first!

It shouldn’t be a struggle to find the words if you’ve already sold yourself on what you do.

If you know you can deliver results, then why hesitate? Quick, someone needs you.

You likely invest regularity with other business, but you need to have that same commitment and enthusiasm when it comes to your own offer.

Asking someone to invest with you should not be difficult if you are sold on the value. The price of the investment simply allows you to deliver the service, but you must believe that what you deliver exceeds the price.

Save the Day!

Don’t talk yourself out of what you were meant to do. You do the world a disservice by holding back your true potential and capabilities. Yes, it takes time to refine your products and services. But be confident and know that you will improve with experience.

Offer your best offer right now knowing that you can only get better from here. Sell it to yourself first.

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Skip the technical jargon and get 5 straightforward ways to make your business website even better.

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