DrB’s Strategy Consulting

About this Project

Dr. Bertha McCants (DrB) needed a website and online solution to launch and operate her six-figure educational consulting business. DrB and I worked to refine her programs, her message, and to design a website to grow her email list, promote her events, and attract her dream clients.

Dr. McCants teaches purpose-driven, high achieving administrators and educators how to use what “they know” to break through to multiple six-figure consulting businesses—on their own terms. Her clients have the burning desire to lead lives of love, joy, peace, financial independence, and abundance but don’t have the structure to avoid some of the pitfalls and delays that are setbacks. (from drbstrategyconsulting.com)

Goals & Objectives

Attract New Consulting Clients

DrB and I focused on making sure that the main call to action was to book a strategy call. The strategy call buttons were located prominently throughout the website and allowed potential clients to inquire about DrB’s programs and discover if they would be a good fit working together.

Promote Events & Speaking Opportunities

DrB is available for speaking engagements and hosts several of her own live events. My mission was to ensure that the visitors would either be interested in the upcoming event or having DrB speak at their event.

Grow Her Email List

DrB uses InfusionSoft which allows her to send marketing messages to her email list. (I’m on the list)

We were able to kick-start her list growth by designing her ‘life assessment worksheet’ which is available, for free, in exchange for the visitor’s email address.

The Approach


DrB’s favorite color is teal, but she also had a preference for burgundy and gold. Based on the nature of her work (and because the visitor is likely to be female), I chose a classy, but bold color palette based on her preferences.

The teal color is the dominant color, whereas the gold is mainly used for the buttons (and other calls to action). The burgundy was used sparingly for accents.

Fonts & Typography

DrB’s primary audience are retired (or near retired) educators looking to build a consulting business. Therefore, I needed to keep the website professional with regards to typography and colors.

For the typography, DrB preferred sans-serif fonts, so I chose a single, but professional, font: Lato


Good content takes time and we were able to get it right. DrB and I had several meetings about the purpose of each page, what would make the visitor take action, and what results she’d get from having certain content.

The Solution

The Website

I created a 6-second background video on the homepage. I felt that her visitors should be able to see her in action. The remainder of the pages where more conservative and less animated, but still keeping with the overall theme of the site.

The Lead Magnet

In order to grow DrB’s email list, we created her free Life Role Assessment. The website visitor must then enter their email address and the life role assessment will be available to download,

DrB uses Infusionsoft to capture email addresses for her email list. The website integrates seamlessly with InfusionSoft.

Would you like a website like the one I’ve built for DrB?

Kimberly Inez Mays

Kimberly Inez Mays


I’m Kim and I help ambitious coaches and speakers elevate their online presence so that they can attract their ideal clients for more leads & sales!

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