Episode 006 – Remote Healing and Living an Authentic Life in Peru

Meet Kurundi Daniels, remote healer currently in the jungles of Peru

Kurundi Daniels’ life is built on three principles: faith in God, trust in her own intuition, and service to others.

Acting on the visions God revealed to her while operating in her gifts of healing, she stepped out and founded Authentic Self Enterprises LLC in 2011. From there her sister company, Breathe Holistic Health & Wellness Spa, was birthed in 2013.

Today, Kurundi works as an intuitive holistic healer, operating in the modalities of massage therapy, reflexology, Reiki and chakra healing. She also continues to serve others through intuitive coaching and spiritual teaching. She believes that the natural world has many secrets yet to reveal to humanity, so currently she is traveling the world and working with her clients remotely while she is learning about Shamanism & traditional plant medicines.

Her online classes focus on boosting your main immunity and practical things you could do at home while dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Listen to her story ….

Notes From This Episode

(4:00) What does remote healing look like?

(7:05) Her decision to travel around the world.
(10:00) How she got started coaching
(13:00) How she runs her spa in Georgia from Peru – the power of teamwork
(22:00) What she wishes she would have known
(28:00) About her book, Born into Suffocation
Buy Kurundi’s Book –  Born into Suffocation:
Where to find Kurundi:
– https://www.facebook.com/iamkurundi/
– https://www.instagram.com/iamkurundi/
Favorite Quote: “When the student is ready the teacher shall appear”
Favorite Book: The E-myth 
Favorite System: Dubsado 

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Episode 006 – Remote Healing and Living an Authentic Life in Peru

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