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“Keep going, keep pedaling. You’ll ride farther than you expected to go.”

I’m sore, dirty, and tired. But I’m super happy after riding my bike for about 4 hours. I expected a scenic, smooth path but ended up trudging up hills, through mud, and over rocks. But I made it!

Before the summer is over, I need to do as much as possible outdoors. Today was no exception. We woke up early, hitched the bikes to the car, and drove to Van Courtlandt Park in search of this bike trail that I’ve always wanted to try. The trail started at the bottom of the park and ended at the top of the park.

The problem was: I didn’t know exactly where this trail was.

I was certain that we would find it, but I underestimated the size of the park. I’ve parked my car in a golf course, paid the parking fee, re-read the sign to ensure that I would not get towed, and set off. As we wandered, I became upset the day didn’t go as planned.

We rode around where we were, but I didn’t find any fulfillment in it. The scenery was unfamiliar, there were roads and highways bisecting the park, and it was hot. It rained yesterday, and there was mud everywhere.

Eventually, we found the open field and the bike path. Without realizing how much time had passed since I’ve parked, we rode on. The trail wasn’t as nice as I had expected, and I got DIRTY. My hair was messed up. Mud was everywhere! I’m not the most athletic person, so it was a big challenge for me. I also wanted to look perfect for my social media photo!

But then something AWESOME happened. I looked at Google Maps and discovered that I rode well outside the park.

I was in a different county! I. Did. That.

Had I consistently checked my location, I wouldn’t have made it so far. I went that far because I was already capable of doing it!

So here’s the lesson in all of this: Don’t think about it. Just do it.

It gets easier when we don’t consider how far we are from our goals. Just keep pedaling and enjoy your ride. Doing so makes it even easier to exceed your goal without even trying.

As proof, here’s the map from my GPS. I marked where I expected to end up and how far I actually went!

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