VIDEO: 5 resources for inspiring images for your website

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People are visual creatures. We’ll look at pictures and headlines before we actually read any text. We’re just built that way.

Your website visitors will scan what’s on the screen before making a decision to looking around further.

Finding photos is one of the most challenging things that I deal with when working on client websites. The right picture needs to convey the appropriate message, be of reasonable quality, and be legal to use.

In this video, I give you FIVE sources to get high-quality images for your website and explain what types of photos you should have on your website.

Resources mentioned:

Groupon – a great source for high-quality headshots. If you have a business, you need professional photos. It doesn’t have to cost you a lot – look for deals!

Pexels – my favorite site for high-quality free images.

Unsplash – another source for free images

Shutterstock – a great site for  affordable high-quality images

Getty Images – another reputable site for a variety of quality photos.

Note: Please respect copyrights and read the terms and conditions for each image you acquire. If you are not sure of your right to use it, don’t use it.

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