Funnels, Courses, & Marketing Automation

Courses, Emails, and Event Setups

• Still delaying your new course or launch?
• Not using email automation?
• Not promoting that event the way you should?


You have the big idea, but neither the time or willpower to execute it. I totally get it!

Setting up another system is not on your to-do list. (And even if it was, are you even getting it done?)

Don’t fret, just keep reading …

Let us handle the technical heavy lifting!


Web-Design - Foolishly Creative provides marketing, web design and branding.

Email Marketing & Automation

Are you using email yet?

Grow your email list, automate your communications with your subscribers, and promote your business.


Web-Design - Foolishly Creative provides marketing, web design and branding.

Live Event Marketing

Stop scrambling to fill seats at your live events!

Let us help you market your event with emails, social media, and other platforms to attract your ideal registrants wherever they are!


Web-Design - Foolishly Creative provides marketing, web design and branding.

Online Course Setup & Strategy

Set up your online course the right way! Let’s work together to identify your ideal client, your business objectives, and your revenue goals in order to build an automated and profitable course.

Email Marketing

Do you have an email list?


But what happens when they first join your email list. Do you make them feel all ‘warm, fuzzy, and special’ or you send everyone the same cold newsletter every now and then?


Let’s do this a different way.

Grow your email list by giving away valuable information in exchange for an email address. Your information (also known as a lead magnet) will benefit your ideal client as well as provide you with a way to build a relationship with that person.

Then, after they join your list, send them a series of welcoming emails with:

  • valuable information about your business
  • interesting stories about how you’ve helped people like them
  • useful tips and information
  • an offer to work further with you (depending on how they’ve engaged with your previous email)


And the best thing … this is all automatic!

Let us set this up for you. Here’s what you get:

  • 90 minute strategic consultation to determine what will work best for your business.
  • Landing page design to attract your visitor and make your offer irresistible
  • Email list setup & subscriber tagging (to identify them) 
  • A 4-5 fully automated email welcome series to introduce new subscribers to your business
  • Professionally written copy for your landing page & email sequence

A complete subscriber welcome funnel … all done for you!

* Must provide lead magnet file (PDF, Audio, Video, etc)


Interested in growing your email list?

Event Marketing

Do you have a paid events on a recurring basis?

You’ve booked the venue.

You’ve created the schedule.

You even ordered the food!


But ….Do you STRUGGLE to get people to sign up? – Stop working so hard.

Let us handle the entire online setup and marketing … soup to nuts!

We will set up a registration page to promote your event so well that people cannot wait to sign up.

Take payment automatically through the service of your choice (EventBrite, EventZilla, Splash)

Let us set up an email series to get people excited before your event! (to reduce no-shows)

Event over? Keep the party going by sending your attendees a thank you series to upsell your program, course, or next event!


Here’s what you get:

  • 90 min strategic consultation
  • Professionally designed landing page (and persuasive copy that gets people to register)
  • A strategy to target people who visited your page but didn’t register
  • Automatically email to your registrants before and after your event
  • Before: Send vital information to your registrants, create hype, and reduce no-shows
  • After: Reinforce your offer, upsell services, promote your next event, and keep in touch
  • Social media graphics to promote your event
  • Facebook event setup + cover image
  • Event service integration (Eventbrite, Eventzilla, etc)
  • Facebook ad consulting

Ready to rock your next live event?

Online Course Setup

Thinking about setting up your online course?


Stop thinking about it and let’s get it done together. Your future students need you!


Set up your course the right way.


Let’s focus on your objectives, your ideal student, your pricing, and test … test … test to make your course a revenue-generating machine!


Here’s what you get:

  • 90 min strategic consultation
  • Professionally designed course website (and persuasive copy that gets people to enroll)
  • A strategy to target people who visited your page but didn’t enroll
  • Automatically email to your new students to get them prepared and HYPED for your class
  • Course module assignment setup
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Facebook Event Setup + Cover Image
  • Course Service Integration (Thinkific, Kajabi, Teachable)
  • Email Integration (MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact, etc)
  • Facebook Group Setup

Ready to launch your course?

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