Episode 005 – Becoming a Menopause BOSS featuring Deborah Roebuck

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Meet Dr. Deborah Roebuck!


Dr. Deborah D. Roebuck, R.N., DNP, is the Founder and CEO of “Going Thru The Change,” a global health and wellness company that focuses on coaching and mentoring women leaders of all generations navigate premenopause, peri-menopause, menopause, and post-menopause with confidence, ease, grace and style.

Named the “menopause whisperer”, Deborah and I talk about how she coaches women online to get visible to vocally advocate for their own health. In particular, she helps executives and professionals who are nearing menopause deal with age discrimination, issues in the workplace, and bodily changes.

Deborah personifies what a digital thought leader and she brings a wealth of knowledge through her experience. She shares so much in this episode with us.

Her online classes focus on boosting your main immunity and practical things you could do at home while dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Listen to her story ….

Notes From This Episode

You can find Deborah online here:

Free Gift: Menopause Symptom Tracker

Deborah’s Website (Going Thru The Change):




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Episode 005 – Becoming a Menopause BOSS featuring Deborah Roebuck

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