Episode 001 – What is a Digital Thought Leader?

Digital Thought Leader Podcast

Welcome to the Digital Thought Leader Podcast!


This is the very first episode of the digital thought leader and I am super excited to be sharing my knowledge, tips, tricks, and tools with all of you. This first episode is just going to be me and you because I really need you to understand what a digital thought leader is and how that applies to your business.

This podcast has been a long time coming and is truly a labor of love! (In future episodes, I interview fellow business owners)

I talk about what a Digital Thought Leader is and why NOW is the time to step into the thought leadership role that you were always meant to have.

(Yes, even during a pandemic)

In this episode, I tell my story about how I started my own business Foolishly Creative, helping coaches, consultants, authors, and speakers develop their online presence. The journey wasn’t always smooth, but it was totally worth it …

Notes From This Episode

  • (1:03) – What Digital Thought Leadership means to me.
  • (1:37) – My story: How an introverted web designer became a digital thought leader.
  • (7:35) – What to look forward to in the Digital Though Leader Podcast

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Kimberly Inez Mays

Kimberly Inez Mays


I’m Kim and I help ambitious coaches and speakers elevate their online presence so that they can attract their ideal clients for more leads & sales!

Episode 001 – What is a Digital Thought Leader?

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