Email Marketing for Coaches & Speakers

Are you using email marketing?

Everyone uses email marketing. You’ve probably checked your email several times today … and so have your ideal clients.

And if you are not consistently showing up in their inbox, you are leaving money on the table.

If setting up your email list and setting up campaigns sounds like another chore to you, we can help!

I literally love this stuff and have been doing it professionally for over 15 years!

Interested in automating your email marketing communications?

Why email?

Only a small percentage of your social media followers will ever see a particular piece of content organically. Each platform can change its algorithm at any time.

Your email list is yours. If your social media profile gets closed or compromised, you have a way to communicate with your audience. And that matters when you have a launch and a program to sell!

What email marketing can do for your coaching business …

Here are some of the things coaches like you can do with email marketing.

Welcome new subscribers to your coaching business.

Promote new products and services directly to your list and increase the likelihood of our offer being seen.

Nurture new and former customers

Follow-up automatically and communicate with the right people at the right time!

And I can save you time by automating all of it!

If you want all the 411 of what I have to offer, keep reading. But if you are short on time and want to cut to the chase, simply book a complimentary discovery call with me.

Basic Email List Setup


Lets start here. Whether you are setting up your email list for the first time or migrating to a new service provider, youll need an expert to help you set it up for you the right way.

In my list setup package, I will have a 1:1 consult with you to determine the best email service provider for your business and develop a strategy for your email marketing program.


Package includes

  • A personalized consultation to develop your email marketing strategy (+ the recording)
  • A blueprint and project plan for your list setup and/or migration
  • Designing a branded newsletter template for your business
  • Identifying different groups of email subscribers and tagging them in your system
  • Creating your audience segments based on demographics, activity, and customer type
  • Cleaning unengaged subscribers from your list (Hint: this is a good thing)
  • Access to the client portal with best practices, documentation, compliance laws & next steps

Ready to build your email list?

Email Opt-in Funnel & Welcome Automation


Ready to really grow your email list?

An email opt-in funnel and welcome automation is the most effective way to get subscribers on your list – and keep them engaged with your business.

The best time to get a subscriber’s attention is at the beginning! And it starts with a landing page and lead magnet.


Landing page and lead magnet

The easiest way to get someone to provide an email address is to give them something for free. This ‘something’ is called a lead magnet. 

This can be a guide, training, or recording that addresses your ideal client’s specific needs. When we work together, you can decide what that is!

Your lead magnet should make your subscriber want more from you!

You’ll need a convincing opt-in page to collect their email address. 

Are you with me so far? Let me break this down.


I work with each client to:

  1. Identify their ideal client. We want subscribers who will buy from you
  2. Identify a quick need that can be solved with a free downloadable. No, we aren’t giving away the farm, but we are offering an incentive to get a subscriber.
  3. Defining the next step for the subscriber and let them know how they can get more of you!
  4. Create an automated welcome series!

What is a “welcome” automation?

The best time to get a subscriber interested in your business is at the beginning! This is when they are more likely to remember you and your brand.

Therefore, you want to communicate more with your subscriber the moment they join your list. And you’ll have new subscribers regularly.

A “welcome” automation allows you to target new subscribers and ‘welcome’ them to your business! Think of it as a journey. 

Every day or two, your automation will send out a specific message to your subscriber depending on where they are in their journey. Ultimately, their welcome journey should end with your offer. Whether you want them to book a consultation, or join a group, or make a purchase, the choice is yours!

Along the way, we’ll track their propensity to become an engaged subscriber by knowing what they’ve opened and clicked.

Okay. I’ve said enough. Here’s what this package includes:


  • A personalized consultation to develop your email marketing strategy (+ the recording)
  • A blueprint and project plan for your opt-in list setup and/or migration
  • Technical implementation and setup of the automation and emails
  • Access to the client portal with best practices, documentation, compliance laws & next steps

Professional Copywriting

  • A series of 6 professionally written emails
  • Professionally written copy for your opt-in page

Design & Development

  • A series of 6 professionally written emails
  • Professionally written copy for your opt-in page
  • Opt-in page design and integration with your email marketing software
  • A branded newsletter template for your emails
  • Subscriber and audience tagging

Ready to grow your email list automatically?

Lead Nurturing & Other Automations

Hey there! I see that you are still with me. Great!

There are just so many other things you and I can do with email automation.


New Customer Onboarding

Welcome a new student, member, or client and get them excited about what they’ve just purchased from you! Send an automated series of follow-up emails to give them next steps, payment options, and much more …


Webinar Funnels

Do webinars? If you’re not following up with those who have attended, you are missing an opportunity. We can specifically target those who’ve attended with a great offer and email the ‘no shows’ with an invitation to watch the replay. (and make an offer)


Birthday Emails

Delight and surprise your subscribers on their birthday (or anniversary). Send an automated email to them with an offer, a discount, or a lovely message.


Abandoned Cart’

Do you know how many people were so close to signing up with you? An abandoned cart email gives them a little nudge to complete the transaction, whether it is a product purchase or an invite to book a strategy call with you.


Subscriber Re-engagement Automation

Not feeling the subscriber love lately? Use automation to re-engage those who haven’t opened or clicked in a while.


Blog Updates

Want an email to go out every time you publish a blog? There’s an email automation for that too!


Email Drip Campaigns and ‘mini’ Courses

Want to educate your subscribers about a particular topic without setting up an official course? You can ‘drip’ your educational emails to your students so that they receive a new email from you every day. It’s a great way to keep them looking forward to hearing from you.



I have a lot more to share, but that would require another 1,000 words! 

So, are you ready to automate your email marketing?

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