Don’t nobody bring me no bad news

by | October 16, 2017 | Entrepreneur Life, The Kitchen Sink

If you’re gonna bring me something

Bring me, something I can use

But don’t you bring me no bad news

I’ve always been a huge fan of musicals. Even though The Wiz came out several years before I was born, the same songs get stuck in my head.

I’m also a huge fan of villains, so it’s not surprising that I remember the Evilene’s song well.

Even though she was the evil one, her song has so much truth about dealing with people who destroy our morale and halt our momentum.

She sings:

When you’re talking to me

Don’t be cryin’ the blues

‘Cause don’t nobody bring me no bad news

You can verbalize and vocalize

But just bring me the clues

But don’t nobody bring me no bad news


Bring some message in your head

Or in something you can’t lose

But don’t you ever bring me no bad news

If you’re gonna bring me something

Bring me, something I can use

But don’t you bring me no bad news

Isn’t it the truth?

As entrepreneurs, don’t we get enough bad news? Daily we get bad news from the media, from politicians, from our friends and family, and even from ourselves.

How has bad news prevented you from growing in your business? How much energy have you given to our distasteful political climate? How many hours have you spent dealing with other people’s problems instead of working on your business?

Some of the bad news I’ve heard myself:

  • “Don’t most businesses fail?”
  • “No one is going to pay that much for a website?”
  • “How are you going to compete with Wix, Squarespace, etc”
  • “Who talks like that?”
  • My favorite: “You need to prove yourself …” (even though they reached out to ME first 🙄)

How to identify bad news

Bad news can come in the forms of sensationalism, pessimism, skepticism, complaining, criticism, fear, gossip, and doubt. And it’s easy to identify bad news. It’s all around us and kills our vibe all the time.

Bad news is unnecessary. Bad news drains you and has you feeling worse than before. Bad news is useless information. You can’t use it, you can’t act on it, you can’t learn from it, it’s garbage.

There are even entire industries dedicated to delivering bad news.

The trick to identifying bad news is to ask yourself:

  • Do I really need to hear this?
  • Is this worthy of my witness?
  • Can I use this to my betterment?
  • Can I do anything about this?

Sometimes people don’t mean to drag you down. They may not be aware of it. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of discontent and negatively. Misery loves company. I’ve done it for years!

And this also includes questioning your own thoughts as bad news can also originate within.

As mission-driven entrepreneurs, you and I are on a mission. We have goals and plans that do not hold space for bad news. Our energy is too important to give away.

Tell Bad News to stay out of your way!

The only thing I dislike more than wasted time is wasted energy. I believe you can always make up for lost time, but wasted energy is a monster that keeps on destroying.

The trick is to identify it and shut it down. Just shut it down.

It might mean walking away from a conversation, hanging up the phone, or just declaring “I have no use for this right now”. Eventually, you’ll train the people around you not to deplete your mental energy with issues that have no solution, benefit, or long-term learning experience for either of you. Better yet, you’ll train yourself not to deplete your own mind and sabotage your success.

If you are a coach, you know all too well that there is a solution to many issues. There’s nothing wrong with lending an ear to those who need it, but you have to be prepared to process the information without being depleted. And the other person has to be willing to find/accept a solution and come out better for it.

And you need to be willing to grow from whatever news you hear yourself. (Especially if it comes from your own head)

P. S. But here’s the good news. I see you over there. You are the woman/man with the big dreams, undeterred by the naysayers. You are ready to make the big leap and do what many are afraid to do.

But you may also be deterred by technology.

Why not partner with a dreamer who ‘gets’ you? Sure, you can hire someone on Fiverr or overseas to build your website, but they won’t understand YOU – the ‘you’ behind your brand.

Don’t let your website be the one thing holding you back when it is sooo easy to let me help you.

Want to get started? Book a strategy call.

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