Brand Identity for Coaches & Speakers

branding that stands out

What could a streamlined visual presence accomplish for your coaching business?

It takes only 6 seconds for a visitor to decide to stay or leave. There’s so much competing for your ideal client’s attention. Impressions matter!

The way that you present your business determines the type of clients you attract. And the way your visitors perceive your business determines how they will value your services. What coach or speaker wants to be undervalued?

You’ve probably wanted a change for a while.


We’re here to help!

Creating beautiful branding that perfectly captures your unique personality and brand message is no easy feat. From the color choices to the typography selection and everything in between…decision fatigue sets in all too quickly.

You’re ready to create a visual presence that attracts your ideal audience and converts them to dream clients. Your business plan is ready to rock, but your branding is leaving a little (ahem – a lot!) to be desired.

You’re ready to work one-on-one with a web design and branding expert that makes your life easy and boosts your visual presence – for a memorable business identity.

Let’s do this!

Your Brand Makeover Includes …


Brand Research & Competitive Analysis




Business Card Design


Sales Brochure / Event Flyer


Speaker One Sheet Design


Color Palette


Logo Design with 3 Concepts

Includes a 30 min logo design consultation

Web Ready and High-Resolution images



Letterhead, envelopes, and folders

Keynote PowerPoint design

(up to 20 slides)

Mood Board


Branding Style Guide


Social Media Templates

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter post templates

Facebook cover image

YouTube thumbnail template



(PDF. up to 10 pages)

It’s time to have a logo and branding that has you feeling confident because it perfectly complements your business…and you!


I’ll help you translate your ‘why’ into branding that helps you shine.

Need a website too?

Your brand is better bundled. My Website + Brand Add-On package will be your best fit.

Sneak a peek at some of our recent work…

Click here to read about the website  & branding that I’ve designed for Revolution Ascension

RhonsWay  - Foolishly Creative
RhonsWay  - Foolishly Creative

What would you accomplish if your branding was more than just ‘nice’?

Let’s face it. Nice is boring.

Your brand’s visual presence should communicate your unique message, personality, and passion.

It should embody what makes your business special and incorporate design elements created specifically to attract your dream clients.

Still, you might be wondering…

But I already have branding that works. Can’t I just keep using that?

You could. But why settle for something that ‘works’ when you could have a brand that wows?

No matter what you’ve used in the past, branding is the key to your business future.

The reason is simple: beautiful branding that reflects you and your business’s unique identity helps you shine in a crowded marketplace. It helps you stand out, elevates your credibility as a professional, and (most importantly) it helps you attract your dream clients.

Ready for shiny new branding that attracts your dream clients?

Are you ready to confidently create a website that attracts your dream clients?

The Shine Online Workbook guides you through essential content and website planning exercises, so you can create a website that works for your business as a powerful lead-generation machine!

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Are you wasting time looking for the right business systems?

Use what I use! Save your time, save money, and finally get back to running the business you love!

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