The Kitchen Sink

Should you build your own website?

You absolutely can build your own website. The question is: should you?

There are numerous products and services out there that will help you build your own website. You can click, drag, and drop and get a website quickly. That’s where most entrepreneurs get it wrong.

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What comes first: my business or my website?

So at what point do you decide to build your website? Do you need to be in business first? Or do you need the website to open/grow your business?
The answer is not always so straightforward. It really depends. Every business is different.

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About Me

I help ambitious entrepreneurs create and launch the website and branding designs of their dreams. I help them elevate their visual presence and inspire their dream clients to take action.    

Don’t nobody bring me no bad news

Tell Bad News to stay out of your way!
The only thing I dislike more than wasted time is wasted energy. I believe you can always make up for lost time, but wasted energy is a monster that keeps on destroying. The trick is to identify it and shut it down. Just shut it down.

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Your credentials don’t matter when you can solve real problems

Are you good at helping people with relationships, burnout, grief, or self-worthiness?
I bet you’ve already solved plenty of problems for others already. Did they check your resume first, or did they seek you out because they knew, liked, and trusted you?
Do you feel the need to prove your worthiness to be a coach before anyone really knows what you do?

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3 Awesome Reasons to Promote Your ‘Ugly’ Website

You think your website is UGLY.

I get it. You want the website to look nice before people look at it. However, how long is it going to take to get your website to look the way you want?
In this video, I provide 3 reasons to share your ‘ugly’ website.

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Keep Going, Keep Pedaling

“Keep going, keep pedaling. You’ll ride farther than you expected to go.”

I’m sore, dirty, and tired. But I’m super happy after riding my bike for about 4 hours. I expected a scenic, smooth path but ended up trudging up hills, through mud, and over rocks. But I made it!

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This may be the last post you read on productivity.

I make a bold claim that I can change the way you increase your productivity. I can say that because I’m not a time-management guru or know-it-all. In fact, I haven’t yet mastered the art of productivity myself. I’m still working through it.

I can say that I can change the way you work on your business because I am doing it now, getting better at it, and seeing the results of my efforts. As a bonus, I feel overwhelmingly less … overwhelmed.

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Let’s stop romanticizing the ‘hustle’

Stop the hustle? This flies in the face of conventional wisdom. Conventional wisdom tells us to work harder, and harder, and harder. And through that hard work, we will be successful. Even worse, conventional wisdom tells us that those that aren’t successful didn’t work hard enough. It’s time to think differently!

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