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Keep Going, Keep Pedaling

“Keep going, keep pedaling. You’ll ride farther than you expected to go.”

I’m sore, dirty, and tired. But I’m super happy after riding my bike for about 4 hours. I expected a scenic, smooth path but ended up trudging up hills, through mud, and over rocks. But I made it!

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This may be the last post you read on productivity.

I make a bold claim that I can change the way you increase your productivity. I can say that because I’m not a time-management guru or know-it-all. In fact, I haven’t yet mastered the art of productivity myself. I’m still working through it.

I can say that I can change the way you work on your business because I am doing it now, getting better at it, and seeing the results of my efforts. As a bonus, I feel overwhelmingly less … overwhelmed.

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VIDEO: How to choose an available domain name? Let me show you a faster, better way!

Finding an available domain name shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Would you like to know how I do it?
Here’s a snippet from my ‘Launch Your Website in 7 Days’ webinar. Also, if you are interested in how I can kick off your business website, book a strategy call with me. I’d love to discuss how I can make your current website even better!

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Selfie Fails (It’s OKAY to be imperfect)

During my vacation in Mexico, I was pleased to receive so many ‘likes’ on a selfie that I had posted. I recently purchased a selfie stick and I’m still getting used to it. I’m glad it worked out … for the photos I’ve shared thus far.

However, what we see online is usually someone’s best. They are going to cherrypick the images that they want to you see. With me, you get to see it all. 😛

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VIDEO: I believe I could, so I did (weekend in Mexico)

Last weekend, I embarked on a wonderful mastermind retreat in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. It was a 3-day mastermind retreat where I received clarity for my business and my vision.
I’ve renewed my commitment to walk in my purpose …. no matter what.
Here’s a message I’d like to share with you. I’ve recorded this on the beach the very last day.

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Google Analytics: 3 basic ways to measure audience engagement

If you have a website, it’s imperative that you measure its performance. You’ve spent the time and money to set it up, and you think it’s pretty good, but if you are not regularly checking your analytics, you may be missing out on some key areas for improvement.

I can build very detailed custom Google Analytics reports for you, but it’s helpful to have the knowledge to be able to interpret the results at a very high level. Here’s my way of sharing my knowledge with you.

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Security Alert: Is your admin username putting your site at risk?

If you are using the default ‘admin’ username, the world knows your name. And many hackers know it as well. The only thing left is to figure out is your password through a brute force attack – and voila! – you and your hacker buddy are more acquainted! You now share your WordPress website and now they can install all sorts of cool malware or take your site down. Fortunately, it’s easy to change.

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