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Should you build your own website?

You absolutely can build your own website. The question is: should you?

There are numerous products and services out there that will help you build your own website. You can click, drag, and drop and get a website quickly. That’s where most entrepreneurs get it wrong.

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About Me

I help ambitious entrepreneurs create and launch the website and branding designs of their dreams. I help them elevate their visual presence and inspire their dream clients to take action.    

Let’s stop romanticizing the ‘hustle’

Stop the hustle? This flies in the face of conventional wisdom. Conventional wisdom tells us to work harder, and harder, and harder. And through that hard work, we will be successful. Even worse, conventional wisdom tells us that those that aren’t successful didn’t work hard enough. It’s time to think differently!

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5 Pitfalls of Being an Information Hoarder

There is a clear distinction between information and knowledge. Hoarding too much information can be detrimental to getting your business started. Here are 5 tell-tale signs of an information hoarder!

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Are you letting competition defeat you?

Sit it down on the sofa beside you (as if it was another person). Tell it to name ALL of the reasons why you can’t do what you’ve dreamed of just because other people are doing it as well.

Then, look into its eyes and say ….. “F**k that!”

Excuse my language, but do you feel better now?

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Selfie Fails (It’s OKAY to be imperfect)

During my vacation in Mexico, I was pleased to receive so many ‘likes’ on a selfie that I had posted. I recently purchased a selfie stick and I’m still getting used to it. I’m glad it worked out … for the photos I’ve shared thus far.

However, what we see online is usually someone’s best. They are going to cherrypick the images that they want to you see. With me, you get to see it all. 😛

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