Kevin Talks Logos for Small Businesses

In this video, I get to interview my graphic design partner, Kevin, about his process for designing logos for small businesses and entrepreneurs – and why it’s so important to understand the business’s goals BEFORE any design work is implemented.

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The 7 business systems your consulting business can’t thrive without

Having the right business systems in place can mean the difference between efficiency and overwhelm. Unfortunately, technophobic entrepreneurs shy away from certain systems because they either don’t know how to use them or know which systems are needed at all.

Fortunately, this post demystifies business systems for even the technically challenged among us. It’s time to let technology and applications automate all of the grunt work that we do on a daily basis, so we can get back to working within our zones of genius – and grow our businesses!

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About Me

I help ambitious entrepreneurs create and launch the website and branding designs of their dreams. I help them elevate their visual presence and inspire their dream clients to take action.    

How Long Does It Take To Build A Website (Video)

I often get asked, “How Long Does It Take To Build A Website?”

The answer isn’t always as straight-forward as people would like to hear. I lay out the truth in this video and tell you why the timing should be the least of your concerns.

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5 brand-killing mistakes that make you look cheap

Running a business takes a lot of work and there is so much to constantly do. Unfortunately, I see entrepreneurs repeatedly making the same mistakes that weaken their online presence and make them look, well … cheap.

And a cheap image does not attract high-value clients. (or many clients at all)

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can easily uplevel your professional image with just a few tweaks.

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Video: Solopreneurs shouldn’t have to do it alone

There are no participation trophies for hustling! In this short video, I go over why being a solo entrepreneur doesn't mean you have to do everything alone. I made this video to address a common belief that solopreneurs need to do EVERYTHING themselves.  Why? We tend...

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Video: What platform do I use for my website?

In this short video, I go over your option of choosing the right platform for your website. You have many options, but you need to pick the one that will grow with your business. Share This Post With over 10 years of web design and development experience, I...

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4 essential rules for a logo that sells

I’d like to take an opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Kevin, Foolishly Creative’s new (and very handsome) graphics designer. I have over 10 years of graphical and print design, ranging from flyers, books, posters, banners, shirts …and of course …. logo designs!

I’ve seen hundreds probably thousands of logos and applied them to almost everything that can be used as print material. I’ve also designed quite a few and one of the first things that I always ask a new client is: What is your brand and who are the clients you want to reach?

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The top 5 ingredients for the perfect website

Let’s face it, You work SO freakin’ hard on your business. But figuring out what the heck to put on your website isn’t easy. Trust me, I’ve been there,

When I talk to clients, I tell them that their copy must convert. The visitor should know exactly what it is that you offer, why you are the best person to offer it, and how others can vouch for your expertise. It should be simple but it isn’t. Let me break it down for you in 5 simple ingredients for the perfect website.

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Should you build your own website?

You absolutely can build your own website. The question is: should you?

There are numerous products and services out there that will help you build your own website. You can click, drag, and drop and get a website quickly. That’s where most entrepreneurs get it wrong.

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What comes first: my business or my website?

So at what point do you decide to build your website? Do you need to be in business first? Or do you need the website to open/grow your business?
The answer is not always so straightforward. It really depends. Every business is different.

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Impostor syndrome: 3 ways to identify and defeat it

Ever feel like no matter what you do, it isn’t enough? Do you often feel unfulfilled with even seemingly significant accomplishments? Do you downplay praise and compliments? You might be suffering from impostor syndrome.

There are many definitions of impostor syndrome, but here is mine:

Impostor syndrome is the insidious condition that prevents us from enjoying nice things by causing us to feel unworthy of receiving them – even if we worked hard for them. It is a dumb fear of being exposed as a fraud because we are not comfortable with our own genius.

Impostor syndrome is not merely a fear of failure – it’s worse than that. It’s the discomfort and eventual numbness to success. But it doesn’t have to be this way. In the video below, I describe 3 ways in which you can identify and overcome impostor syndrome.

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10 ways to completely annoy your website’s visitors

Here are my top 10 ways to annoy your visitors and turn them off completely … because you might do the opposite and get better results. Annoying your website’s visitors is easy than you think and you may not even realize that you are doing it. But if you really want to drive away traffic, I have some really neat tips on how to do that.

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