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I’d like to take an opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Kevin, Foolishly Creative’s new (and very handsome) graphics designer. I have over 10 years of graphical and print design, ranging from flyers, books, posters, banners, shirts …and of course …. logo designs!

If you read nothing else from this blog post, know this:

  1. Your logo should represent your brand with a splash of you.
  2. Think of how you want, and where you want, to apply your logo.
  3. Apply the K.I.S.S. method don’t over complicate your logo.
  4. Always have your logo on hand in multiple hi-res formats.

I’ve seen hundreds probably thousands of logos and applied them to almost everything that can be used as print material. I’ve also designed quite a few and one of the first things that I always ask a new client is: What is your brand and who are the clients you want to reach?

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Are you serious about your brand?

I ask this because I want to see how serious you are about having us create your logo. So one of the first things you need to do is establish your brand, which consists of:

  • your product or services you’re selling,
  • the clients you want to attract,
  • the message you want to send out to potential clients or anyone who sees your logo,
  • and then a splash of YOU.

Your brand can also include colors you like, a certain font, or any other elements that relate to you. However, you shouldn’t deviate too far away from your brand image. You simply need things that make your logo stand out.

Where will your logo live? (Exposure matters)

Once you have your brand established, and you have an idea how you want your logo to look, I’ll start designing it for you. 🙂

But think about how, what, and where, you want to apply your logo.

If you are selling a product, you need your logo on everything you sell, on your website, on your social media pages, and on your promotional materials (business cards, flyers banners, uniforms, and shirts).

If you are selling a service, much of the above applies as well.

Exposure matters, but it needs to be the right exposure. Think about the people you want to reach and where they are most likely to see you and your business. That’s where you want to place your logo.

Don’t just put your logo and business information on everything and everywhere. First, you’ll end up spending money on miscellaneous items that do not yield a return on your investment.

Second, you may attract those who wouldn’t be a good fit for your business. You want the right customer. You will want to avoid anyone who doesn’t ‘get’ what you do and attract those who are eager to work with you. Take some time to consider this when you hire a designer.

A good designer will ask these questions.

My design principle >> Keep it simple, stupid! (K.I.S.S.)

Now, I am not calling anyone stupid, but you should use this method when you are thinking about how you want your logo designed. Don’t make people think too long about what your logo represents. It shouldn’t take long to decipher your logo.

If you look at the major brands in the world today they all have one thing in common: They’re easy to recognize.

  • Facebook logo is a plain letter F,
  • Apple’s logo is an apple,
  • Twitter’s logo is a bird etc,

A good logo easy to recognize and associate with the brand and what they offer.

Keeping it simple can save you money in the long run. A simplified designed logo with one or two colors can be applied to anything very easy.

A good logo is versatile. You should be able to print your logo on a variety of backgrounds and media. On your website, your logo may be placed on a white or colored background. However, it needs to be legible when printed. (Particularly for speaker sheets)

The same holds true for physical material. If you decide to include your logo on flyers, shirts, and bags, it’s easier (and usually cheaper) to incorporate your logo on those items. The printing company can easily print your logo with fewer errors or reprint.

So think about how you want your logo to look, but don’t over design it. When soliciting feedback, be discerning about who you ask and if they have anything in common with your ideal client. For example, you may show your logo to your mamma, your friend, or your spouse. While it’s good to get different opinions, in the end, only you know what’s best for your business.

What’s it like to work with with a logo designer (me)?

If you’ve read this far, you likely want to know about working with a logo designer.

I’m very particular about file formats and quality. (Actually, I’m pretty darned obsessive about it) If you work with any good logo designer, they’ll provide your logo in several file formats.

When I finish a logo project, my clients get multiple high-resolution versions of their logo – in a variety of file types. You can literally use it anywhere – and that’s what I want for you.

Don’t work with a cheap designer. You’ll pay for it later. In the past, I’ve designed business cards, t-shirts, and other designs, only to discover that they purchased a poor quality logo. Not only does that look out of place with the rest of the design, but it also reflects poorly on your brand.

I also believe that you should own your images. It’s essential.I’ll provide everything you need and show you how and where to use it.

Are you ready for a logo?

If you read this far, you probably are. Let’s connect.

I look forward to enhancing your brand.


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