1-Page to Conversion

Start Selling Online Now

You aren’t alone

Is this you?

I have a service or product to sell ASAP!

“I want to get started, but I’m not sure I need a full website right now”

“I need help! I don’t want to spend any more time/effort on systems and technology.”

Let me help you get online.

What if I told you that one page was all you needed to SELL?

Like … for real.

A landing page provides information about the service that you have to offer, a reason for them to take the next step, and  – the best part – an easy method for them to take action!


Collect registrants & payment

Want to launch that next course or program?
You’ll need some sign-ups!

Contests, challenges, etc

Anything you need sign-ups for!

Grow your email list

Collect subscribers by using lead magnets.
Offer your e-books, recordings, and more!

So, What’s Included?

A high-converting landing page *

* WordPress hosting required

A Thank-You page with upsell opportunities

Integrated with most email or payment systems


A/B Split Testing and Reporting


Bonus Consultation Call

Valued at $197

A FREE 60-min online and screenshare consultation where I review your business systems and make recommendations to save you time and money!

A recording and documentation will be shared with you after our call!

I know what you are thinking …

What's the difference between a landing page and a website?

A landing page has only one goal – conversion. You won’t see a header, footer, or any other content that will distract the visitor from taking the specific action that you want them to take.

On the other hand, a website is a full introduction to your online brand in which your visitor can take multiple actions, and hopefully, visit more than once,

There are other landing page services out there.

True. But in my opinion, those landing pages services are more expensive in the long run. If cancel your subscription, it’s very difficult to get your content back!

You can actually save money by hosting your own landing page and you’ll get all of the bells and whistles that comes with the other services. And I’ll show you how to do just that!

Why can't I use Facebook or Instagram?

Your website and social media profiles are two different things. Your social media profiles cannot replace your website.

Furthermore, all content on social media is subject to that platforms rules – which can be changed at any time.

With a website, you’ll be able to control (and own) your own content.

You’ll also be able to integrate more of your systems (think CRM and payment systems) to turn your visitors into customers faster!

  • A High Converting Landing Page*
  • An “upsell” Thank You Page
  • A/B Testing
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • BONUS 60-min Consultation Call ($197 value)

WordPress hosting required

Your Investment

Just $497

Let’s Get Started!

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